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​​Seat back, turn the program on, relax and enjoy this powerful session. You don't even have to listen or concentrate on Dr. Moyseev's voice. Simply enjoy the beautiful music and relax... This program is the safest and amazingly effective way to enhance our ability to RELAX and react on any challenging situation calmly and confidently.
For the best result, use it 3 to 5 times. Every time it will get more and more effective until your constant stress will become a history.
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All you need is 35 minutes of uninterrupted time and good earbuds. Just relax and enjoy the great results. You 'll love it! 

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Q. What is the best way to use the Program?
A. There are few, but important suggestions: You need to have just about 35 minutes of uninterrupted time in quiet, private setting, good quality headphones and use it few times - just before bed time and first thing in the morning. That is ideally. If not, just when you have a quiet, uninterrupted 35 minutes of your time to enjoy a great pleasure of deep relaxation.
Q. How long will it take to achieve a positive result? How many times should I use it?
A. As you probably notice in life, there are no two people are alike. For some of us 2-3 times bring amazing results. For others up to 2-3 weeks. We are all have different degrees of fear of failure, different systems of beliefs, roots of behavioral patterns, etc. One thing for sure: you'll have positive results.
Q. Will results be permanent?
A. Yes. Once our mind completely accepts positive changes, it's become a permanent part of the system of belief.
Q. Is it suitable for teenagers?
A. Yes. Above and beyond, it may help teenagers to raise self-esteem, reduce fears, gain confidence, and feeling of self-worthiness.
Q. Should I quite my therapy?
A. Regardless of great positive results this program helps you to achieve, never ever quite, reduce, or anyway change currant medical intervention or medications. Never.
Q. Is there any side effects?
A. YES. There are 3 major side effects: Increased Self-Confidence, Increased Self-Respect, and Increased Self-Esteem.

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Publish your opinion or freely say whatever it is in your mind about anything you care about.
Let entire World to see it!

STRESS may effect your Mind, Body, and behavior in many adverse ways. When you stressed out over traffic jams, work overload, too many concerns and responsibilities, etc., etc., your mind may subconsciously react on it, sometimes similarly to a life threatening situations. Long term exposure to stress may lead to serious health problems like sleeping disorders, raised blood pressure, risk of heart attack and stroke, infertility, speed up aging, problems with memory and concentration, list going on and on... These may result of or exacerbated by stress: ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, OBESITY, SLEEP DISORDERS, HEART DISEASE, AND MORE...